Tanzu GemFire 1.0 Release Notes

Tanzu GemFire 1.0 is based on Apache Geode version 1.13.1. Tanzu GemFire 1.0 and Apache Geode share a common set of documentation. Therefore, references to both Tanzu GemFire and Apache Geode appear throughout this documentation; consider them equivalents.

What’s New in Tanzu GemFire 1.0

Tanzu GemFire 1.0 is a maintenance release that resolves a variety of issues—see Issues Resolved in Tanzu GemFire 1.0 for more information.

Resolved Issues

This section describes issue resolutions that significantly affect Tanzu GemFire applications. For a list of all issues resolved in Apache Geode 1.13.1, see the Geode 1.13.1 Release Notes. Ticket numbers of the form GEODE‑NNNN can be inspected at the Apache Software Foundation site for Geode issues.

Issues Resolved in Tanzu GemFire 1.0

GEODE-8385, GEM-2936: Fixed a problem with cluster shutdown which caused a hang on restart, due to ambiguity as to which node had the most up-to-date disk store. This could occur if nodes (locators or servers) were simultaneously shut down.

GEODE-8463, GEODE-8506, GEM-3020: Refined the behavior of BufferPool to always return a buffer that has exactly the requested capacity. In the past, BufferPool could return a buffer larger than the size requested, which could lead to decryption errors and lost messages when using TLS(SSL) protocol TLSv1.3.

GEODE-8478, GEM-3069: Fixed an issue that caused a gateway sender to shut down if (1) its alert-threshold was configured, (2) an event was on the queue longer than that specified threshold, (3) the logger was attempting to record an alert for that message, and (4) a field in the event object threw an exception while undergoing toString conversion.

GEODE-8489, GEM-3043: Restored the behavior of Pulse queries for consistency with earlier versions. For example, the result of a select * query once again includes attributes without values.


General support includes security vulnerability resolutions and critical bug fixes in all supported minor versions, while other maintenance is applied only to the latest supported minor release.

Obtaining and Installing Security Updates

New versions of Tanzu GemFire often include important security fixes, so VMware recommends you keep up to date with the latest releases.

For details about any security fixes in a particular release, see the Application Security Team page.